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Our Purpose

To provide our clients with highly confidential, effective intermediary services using our unique direct marketing insider’s knowledge and advantage. In every engagement, to represent and protect our clients’ best interests and, in all matters, to exhibit the absolute integrity and dedication to the achievement of our clients’ goals. To use our 30 years of respected direct marketing industry reputation, knowledge and experience to make the best possible marriages between buyers and sellers. And to do so at realistic, fair fees well below those charged by the typical investment banking firm.  


Libey specializes in providing intermediary services to small and mid-sized direct marketing businesses. That is our only focus. Our principal and associates are devoted to acquisitions and sales of catalog and online companies. We have successfully completed transactions in the sale range of $1 million to $90 million. We concentrate only in the area we know well; direct marketing. With each successful engagement, we build an increasingly valuable resource of contacts, knowledge and experience that quietly and confidentially work for our clients’ financial advantage.

Our Approach

At Libey we believe that success comes from being comfortable with who you are and where you are going. We are confident in our own history as a direct marketer. We are experienced as a direct marketing owner, director, operator and as a direct marketing owner’s “inside” advisor and intermediary. We specialize in facilitating transactions for small and mid-sized catalog and online businesses. We guide our clients through the process of selling or acquiring a business. With our assistance, companies preparing for transactions develop a common-sense understanding of their position, their value, their options and their exit or acquisition strategy.

With each engagement, we thoroughly delve into our clients’ businesses. We understand their markets and industries; we know their customer base and their competitors; we understand their marketing and merchandising processes and operational procedures; we know their systems and metrics; we find and confront their weaknesses, and we highlight their strengths. We thoroughly benchmark that business against the hundreds of direct marketing businesses we have evaluated over the past 30 years. It is the only way we know to define the range of opportunities, the range of valuation, and then discover the exact transaction partner that fits.

Our process begins with understanding your business, performance investigation, analysis, and strategic evaluation. Next, we market quietly and intelligently, always in total confidentiality. Finally, we negotiate fairly and rationally to close to our client's advantage.

When you are represented by Libey, you are always represented by the principal, Don Libey, Managing Director. There are no junior intermediaries, no assistants. Every transaction is managed from beginning to end by Don Libey. It is his experience, reputation and name on the firm’s logo, and it is his complete and full attention that you deserve.

Investment banking firms do not create successful transactions; respected and trusting people create successful transactions. No matter the size or reputation of an intermediary firm, the success or failure of any transaction is determined by the skills, approaches and processes of those who manage and execute the transaction. People who build thriving businesses are passionate about their businesses. They are the owners, the partners, and the managers who create and build great businesses, and they are our clients because we share their passion and their knowledge.

Our History and Size

We have a track record of closing sales and acquisitions that meet or exceed our clients' expectations. From 1989 to today, we have successfully completed many direct marketing acquisitions and sales and we continue building on our over 30 year history of continuous and respected direct marketing advisory and intermediary services.

Over the years, our sale and acquisition transactions have involved strategic buyers, private investors or private equity groups with experience in our clients' direct marketing niches. As a result, we are able to achieve a higher synergistic value based on the complementary nature of the combined entity. We strongly believe that no one can better represent a direct marketing company owner than another experienced direct marketer. 

Don Libey, a long-time industry expert and strategist to CEOs and boards, is the author of twelve books on catalog marketing, future change, and the economic and technological influences on the direct marketplace, the most recent being Libey On How To Sell a Direct Marketing Business (Campbell & Lewis Publishers 2010). He co-authored Libey and Pickering on RFM and Beyond, Second Edition (MeritDirect Press, 2008). He is the editor of the Libey Multichannel Advisor, the monthly, in-depth analysis of the direct marketing industry and its implications for catalog circulation and multichannel marketing strategy, and Libey On Strategy, both published by MeritDirect and read by hundreds of direct marketing CEOs and senior executives. He is a former advisor to Smith-Gardner and Ecometry and is the developer of Libey’s Uniform Suite of Multichannel Metrics™, the first comprehensive metrics protocol covering thousands of individual Key Performance Indicators for multichannel marketers.

In his 30 years of catalog experience, Don has operated numerous direct marketing, catalog and publishing companies as an owner, director, or CEO. He is a board director of a number of direct marketing companies in the U.S. and the U.K.

Because we are a boutique intermediary firm, and because all transactions are managed entirely by the principal, we engage in only a small number of transactions at a given time and devote complete attention to every transaction. Each transaction is led by Don Libey, the Managing Director. From buyer screening through due diligence, Don Libey is fully engaged in the marketing of the transaction and in active communication with our clients.

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