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Business Direct Group, October 2011: A Conversation about the Future with Don Libey

The Outlook for 2010

20 Practical Performance and Profit Pillars

How to Offset some of the Postage Increase


Roy Reiman’s Top 10 Management Rules

The Heartbreak of Customer Service

The Monster Trends

The Mini-Strategic Plan

Essentials to Circulation Management

The Exit Strategy Consultation: Is It Time to Sell?

Chief Merchandising Officer In a Box

CMO in a Box

CEO in a Box

2005: The Year Ahead

The New Catalog Product Process

Valuable Lessons From Home Depot

Catalog Identity and First Impressions

The Next Direct Marketing Evolution: Survival Changes For the Coming Five Years

Customer Relationship Marketing: Exposing the Dangers

The Rebirth of Cataloging

Catalog Marketing: The View From 35,000 Feet

The Future and Promise of “The Middles”

Web Acquisitions and Investment: Perspectives and Outlooks for The E-Commerce Evolution

The New Direct Marketing Management Structure

Too Few, Too Little, Too Much: Why Direct Marketers Fail...And Ten Ways To Make Sure You Don't


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