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Libey On How To Sell A Direct Marketing Business
Campbell & Lewis Publishers, 2010
$29.00 plus shipping

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This is Don Libey's revealing guide to selling a catalog/online business. It is a must-read for all owners and contains a catalog industry insider's insights to the process needed to successfully prepare and sell your business. Libey writes about the decision-making process, the timing, the types of sales, the attributes of a good business, the method of setting a value, due diligence, and numerous other aspects of the biggest event in your business career. This is the book you must have to map out--well in advance--the improvements you need to make to sell your business for its maximum potential value.

Don has also included his massive, trademarked metrics protocol, Libey's Uniform Suite of Multichannel Metrics™. This alone was licensed to catalog owners for years at $12,000 a copy. No business anywhere on the globe has yet mastered the analytics Libey has described in this astounding compendium of catalog and online metrics. It's yours free!

If you are going to sell your business now or in the future, READ THIS BOOK FIRST.


If you are an owner--business-to-business or business-to-consumer--and you want a copy of this book, send an email to Don Libey at info@libey.com with "Request Book" as the subject line. Include your company name, address, private email, your private telephone number, the address you want the book mailed to and state when you are thinking about selling. Don will send you a copy at no charge, but only if you are a catalog/online business owner. Others desiring the book can order at $29.00 using the shopping cart link.

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Libey and Pickering on RFM and Beyond
Revised and Expanded Second Edition
Donald R. Libey and Christopher Pickering
Published by MeritDirect Press, August 15, 2008
496 pages; hardcover.
$59.00 plus $9.00 S&H
Order Toll-Free: 866-405-1300

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The third expansion to the Libey classic on RFM and the new and expanded 2008 Second Edition of the original 2005 edition of Libey and Pickering on RFM and Beyond, with new chapters on wisdom, analytics and tactics for improving multichannel profitability. Features a substantative Introduction by Hamilton Davison, Executive Director of the American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA). The publisher, MeritDirect, is donating $25 of the cover price for each copy sold to the important work of ACMA.

Some excerpts from the book:

“For years, Don Libey and Christopher Pickering have been helping the direct marketing industry grow businesses with the intricately detailed RFM techniques described within. Their clear, pragmatic approach is so refreshing compared to the ‘data pontificators’ that have muddied the waters for years. What an incredible gift Don and Christopher offer to our industry! For every Marketing Manager interested in growing their business this is a must read.”
—Lois Boyle, President, J. Schmid & Assoc. Inc.

“I will enthusiastically recommend this book to my colleagues and friends! We all need to continue to learn and grow, and the wisdom and insights in this book will provide any direct marketer with an enhanced set of tools for future success. A superb new primer for unraveling the mysteries of competitive advantage in direct marketing.”
—Jerry Reisberg, Vice President, Dun & Bradstreet

“I’ve always thought that there was more to RFM than a 3-digit code. With this book, the dynamic Libey and Pickering duo deliver the goods on how to take RFM to the next level, by combining it with additional data points and applying it in a complex, multichannel selling environment. Don and Chris have made a valuable contribution to direct marketers, and marketing in general.”
—Ruth P. Stevens, President, eMarketing Strategy
Author of: Trade Show and Event Marketing: Plan, Promote, Profit (Thomson)

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Hillstrom’s Multichannel Forensics
by Kevin Hillstrom
Published by Direct Academy, 2008
232 pages; hardcover. ISBN: 9780977148950
$95.00 plus $4.50 S&H
Order Toll-Free: 866-405-1300

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This is the book that tells you what your future paper catalog strategy may become.

Kevin's Hillstrom's second book, Hillstrom's Multichannel Forensics, was released in 2007. Hillstrom offers CEOs and business leaders a framework for bridging the gap between multichannel marketing strategy and tactics.

By illustrating the complex relationship between customers, advertising, products, brands and channels, Kevin is able to help the executive see how customers migrate from prospect to first-time buyer status to loyal brand advocates. The techniques in this book illustrate the most productive paths that customers take, resulting in increased sales and profit. Armed with these breakthrough techniques, the CEO or business leader knows where to invest scarce marketing resources to maximize return on investment in a multichannel retailing environment.

The business world was easier to manage, back in 1990. Retailers and catalogers had limited systems that housed customer data. By using canned reports produced by the “data processing” staff, leaders learned how various products sold, how each catalog drop performed, and how various customer segments spent money. With limited reports, and few marketing options, the executive made decisions based on intuition, tribal knowledge, and canned reports.

Today’s multichannel retailing world changed how executives manage online, catalog, or retail business models. Seemingly overnight, the online channel provided numerous ways for customers to interact with businesses. Ecommerce, email, search, portals, affiliates, blogs, and countless other technologies overwhelm today’s CEO.

The overwhelming proliferation of channels, and shorter “analyze, plan, execute” cycles can be confusing to today’s multichannel business leader. Too often, senior managers are asked to develop business strategy, but are given an overwhelming amount of performance data that does not help them develop effective business strategies.

Now, Kevin Hillstrom has finally put it all together, made it clear, and shows you exactly how customers migrate through the buying relationship and which ones you should focus on for improved profitability. And Multichannel Forensics gives you the ability to understand the optimal future allocation of advertising dollars between online and paper catalogs.

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