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Don Libey, Managing Director

The principals have a long and extensive background, extending over thirty years, in catalog and online direct marketing. Don Libey is a world-renowned advisor and intermediary in multi-channel direct marketing and cataloging. He is the author of twelve books on direct marketing and is the Editor of Libey On Catalog Sales and Acquisitions, a monthly newsletter advising on multi-channel direct marketing. He is a major contributor to the industry trade publications and his views are sought by the media covering the multi-channel arena. He has owned, operated and serves on the boards of U.S. and European multi-channel direct marketing companies and his industry contacts and resources are deep and comprehensive.

Don Libey is among the leading strategic planners and forensic advisors for direct and online marketing companies. His unique approaches to strategic thinking and planning have been used to reach a collegial vision of the future for nearly 100 companies since 1988. He is a specialist in forensic reviews of performance and in-depth analyses of direct marketing companies for profit optimization, problem-solving and growth remediation.

For over two and a half decades, he has advised on, searched for, and acted as an intermediary for direct marketing corporation sales and acquisitions. He is frequently sought by owners, boards and private investor groups for assistance in locating add-on acquisitions. He works discreetly with owners, often for a number of years, to prepare their companies for a future exit and an optimal corporate valuation.

Libey LLC’s expertise lies in its comprehensive understanding of, and contacts in, the multi-channel direct marketing milieu. Don Libey has long been recognized as a thought leader and center of influence in direct marketing and is regarded worldwide as one of the industry’s most experienced advisors.

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