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The Boutique Intermediary Approach

Whether representing you as a seller or a buyer, all of the intermediary services are managed and conducted directly and confidentially by Don Libey. There are no junior associates, no assistants; you receive the full and complete attention and focus of the person who fully understands the dynamics of the potential transaction.

Libey will work with and advise you and your accountant and lawyer in the preliminary phases of the deal structure and due diligence and in the all-important performance aspects and analyses of the direct marketing elements; however, you and your accountant and lawyer will have responsibility for the final negotiations and the terms and conditions of the transaction.

If you are selling your business, Libey will advise you on the presentation of financial and marketing performance data to best “tell your story” to those companies targeted as potential buyers. From our knowledge of the industry, we will develop a target group of companies that would potentially have an interest in buying your company. We will arrange for Confidentiality Agreements to protect your proprietary information. We will then present an appropriate level of information to those companies to determine those having real interest, and we will proceed from there to obtain a sale or an acquisition on your behalf. We will assist you during the buyer’s due diligence and offer portions of the transaction. You and your accountant and lawyer will manage and negotiate the final terms and the close of the transaction.

If you are acquiring a business, Libey will conduct a search for appropriate candidate companies, or will contact specific, targeted companies on your behalf. Searches can be done on a “blind” basis where you, as the acquiring company, are not named or as an identified search where your company is revealed as having an interest in an acquisition.

Additionally, a boutique intermediary can be far more cost-effective than an investment banking firm that charges much larger, standard fees for managing sale or acquisition transactions. Generally, intermediary fees are far more affordable for small companies.

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