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Why an Intermediary can be Effective

Don Libey knows the catalog and online, multichannel world. He knows the owners and, in many instances, their plans regarding acquisition and exit strategies. Using that knowledge, he can “arrange marriages” between buyers and sellers, often easier, faster and with very little visibility. He has worked successfully with numerous owners to prepare their companies for sale, often two to five years in advance. Similarly, he has worked with numerous companies to purchase “add-on” or “bolt-on” acquisitions, often over a period of years.

As a seller, you can quietly gauge the market and discover the potential worth of your business by contacting Don Libey well in advance of your planned exit date without creating awareness among your competitors.
As a buyer, you can arrange for Don Libey to conduct an “off the radar” search of potential acquisition targets, again without creating awareness among competitors.

An insider—an industry-specific intermediary—uses quiet confidentiality to create quiet successes in buying and selling companies. Libey has, for many years, been involved in successful acquisitions and sales of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer direct marketing companies.

Services | Why an Intermediary
                     can be Effective

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